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The Right Decision

I feel great! I took Cubby to the doctor yesterday for her follow up visit and he said she is much better and does not have an ear infection. I had been dreading the visit as I had decided not … Continue reading

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The importance of sleep (both to you and your baby)

I know sleep is an issue that practically every new mom struggles with. How do you get your baby to sleep and how do you get some extra time to sleep? I have struggled with this issue since day one. … Continue reading

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Night time poops: to change or not to change?

Funny topic, I know, but it happened last night. I put Cubby to sleep and after an hour she was already up and making noise in her crib. She wasn’t exactly crying, but whining and making her Chewbacca noises. I … Continue reading

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Dinner and a show

I have been introducing solids to cubby for almost 2 months now and we have pretty much gotten through all of the fruits and veggies including apricots, broccoli, peas, apple, pear, blueberries, squash, sweet potato and banana. It has really … Continue reading

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My arsenal of homeopathic remedies

I have often given advice to other new moms about homeopathic drops and remedies so I thought that I would write a post naming all of the ones that I have found useful. This by no means replaces contacting your … Continue reading

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