I Found the Right Diaper Bag and it was Free!

One of the biggest decisions when having a baby or having more babies is choosing a diaper bag. My husband didn’t understand this decision. He was like: “just pick a bag already, it’s just a bag”. To me, it wasn’t just a bag. It’s been an ongoing hunt full of disappointment and returns. I actually bought the same bag 2 times and returned it and in the end I got it again.. for the third time and for free.. that story will be told after.

Diaper bags are important because they are going to go on every outing with you and your baby for the next few years. They should be lightweight, practical, durable, have multiple pockets, space to keep your mommy stuff and baby’s feeding items, and of course look good. There are so many different types, styles, and brands of diaper bags out there. It’s important to go to a store and look at them in person, instead of ordering online. It will save you the hassle of returning them. Also you should try to fill them up with baby stuff to see how heavy they will feel and how everything will fit. I learned this the hard way. A packed diaper bag is not the same as a new one with nothing in it!

Another thing I recently learned is that it’s ok to have multiple diaper bags. I was fixated on having one bag that I could take everywhere, regardless of how practical it was. I soon realized that this was silly. It really depended on how long of an outing I was going to be on, and if I was with Cubby and Squeakers or only with Squeakers. Also, being an over packer, I needed to have a larger diaper bag.

So, here is my diaper bag story and how I got a free one (not intentionally!). I was on the hunt for a bag big enough to house both Cubby and Squeakers’ items and a bag I could take with me for all day outings. I happened to come across the Skip Hop Studio Select Day to Night Diaper Satchel in pewter at Winners for a third of the price of the regular one (www.amazon.ca/Skip-Hop-Studio-Select-Satchel/dp/B00O1P9PEC/).

skip hop studio select

It was a great bag and lightweight, and kind of reminded me of a Lululemon bag. I absolutely love Skip Hop bags and products and was super excited that I got such a great deal. I took the bag home and used it for about 2 months. Then, I started to notice that I couldn’t fit everything that I needed, and was taking another bag with me on outings. Also, this bag tended to flop over when I put it down and wouldn’t stay upright. Very frustrating! The zipper was slightly sharp and difficult to close. I became disappointed with the bag as it didn’t seem like Skip Hop’s usual quality. So I did what any new mom with time on their hands would do, I wrote to Skip Hop’s customer service and explained my frustrations with this bag.

To my surprise, Skip Hop’s customer service team responded quite quickly to my email and asked me to take pictures and send them. So I did. The customer service representative asked me to list my top 3 Skip Hop diaper bags. At that point, I thought that perhaps they would send coupons, so I listed my top 3 with the Grand Central being my top pick. To my amazement, they responded within a few days that they were shipping me the Grand Central diaper bag for free and that it would arrive in 2-3 weeks. I was in awe. This was so amazing. This was the diaper bag that I had originally bought two times already and had returned it thinking that it was too big.

My Skip Hop Grand Central Take-it-All Diaper Bag (www.amazon.ca/Skip-Hop-Central-Diaper-Stripe/dp/B00RYU9FZA) arrived in 2 weeks and was delivered to my door. I opened it and was so happy. My hunt was finally over and I love the bag!

skip hop grand central

I cannot tell you enough great things about this diaper bag. It is large, lightweight, stylish, good quality, has so many packets, it has a mommy pocket where you can put all of your items, a padded change pad, and it helps me to be organized. It is such a great bag for more than one kid so you can use it for twins or if you have multiple children. I am in love! Especially if you are an over packer like me and planning to be out all day, or if you are travelling then this bag is for you.

Lastly, one trick I have learned from watching all of the diaper bag reviews on YouTube is about how to organize your diaper bag. I ended up getting the following to help me with organization and being able to find items quickly in my bag:

  1. The Be Quick Wristlet from Ju-Ju-Be for my diaper kit on the go (www.amazon.ca/Ju-Ju-Be-Quick-Wristlet-Purse-Dutchess/dp/B00IAJ639A). It fits about 4 diapers, my wipes, diaper cream, and a disposable change pad. It’s made of durable material that is wipeable and can be put in the wash.

jujube wristlet

2. The Fuel Cell Insulated Bottle and Lunch Bag from Ju-Ju-Be for Squeaker’s feeding items (www.amazon.ca/Ju-Ju-Be-Legacy-Collection-Insulated-Duchess/dp/B00I0P7R94/). It fits lots of feeding items, baby food pouches, her sippy cup, bibs, and has a clear pocket for baby spoons.

jujube fuel cell

3. Three piece Travel Set Mesh Bags from Kensie (www.amazon.com/Kensie-Piece-Travel-Zipper-Closure/dp/B01LORONKU). These pouches are amazing for diaper bag organization. There are 3 zippered mesh pouches of different sizes. I put 1-2 changes of clothes in the large pouch, Squeaker’s toys in the middle size pouch, and bibs and washcloths in the smallest pouch. They are a durable material and the mesh lets you see what is inside.


So it’s done and over. I am absolutely content with my new diaper bag and the best part is that it was FREE! I am content with the pieces that I use to organize it. I can find anything that I need in 10 seconds. No more reaching into the abyss of the diaper bag and feeling around for what I need.

I would be interested in hearing what your favourite diaper bag is and/or your tips for organizing your diaper bag.



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