Almost done the first semester!

Hello blog readers! I can’t believe that as usual, time has passed so quickly and we are almost a month away from Christmas. Life has been extremely hectic to say the least, but surprisingly doable with some newly developed time management skills, a supportive husband and some assistance for cooking and cleaning! I am almost done my first semester of my Masters in Health Management program. It’s been a balancing act, but somehow I managed to cram in the extra 20-30 hours a week of reading articles, posting online discussions, researching and writing my final paper. Since taking a new contract position at my hospital in June, it’s been a bit more challenging with a variable schedule and having to put in extra hours at work. Starting this week, I will be working some 8 hour and 12 hour shifts and will do my first ever night shifts (7pm to 7am… eek!). Thankfully, occupational therapists do not usually have to work night shifts.

As for Cubby, she is a bumbling ball of energy and newly developed vocabulary. She can say sophisticated sentences such as: “What time are you going to work mommy?”, “Is daddy coming home soon?” and my favourite one, “Mommy, why is your face dirty? You look like a monster”. Unfortunately I have had this crazy rash on my face/ unknown skin condition that no one can figure out. I have past the point of frustration and chalked it up to perhaps this is what my face will now look like. It started at the end of May and has persisted until today with patches of red on my cheeks, chin and forehead. I have seen two dermatologists, a naturopath, an osteopath, 2 doctors, an ayurvedic doctor, and spoken to every staff member and nutritionist at every health food store in the GTA. No one knows what it is. Even the dermatologist called it the “mystery rash”. The newest development is that they think that I may be allergic to my Invisalign braces, so I took them out 2 weeks ago (no noticeable difference yet). Out of all of the possible reasons for this rash, I would have never thought that I could be allergic to Invisalign braces! At this point I am willing to try anything so the braces are out and I am not going back to them. I guess we will see what happens.

Cubby is enjoying her second daycare that she started in October. She is playing, eating, napping appropriately and even learning to share. (What happens on the weekends is another story). The teachers say that she is a really good kid and a “pleasure to have”. Cubby has become increasingly stubborn and independent as she is half way through her Terrible Twos. Last week, I went to pick her up thinking that we would be home in 15 minutes… it turned into a 50 minute ordeal with her crying, screaming, kicking, flailing until I had to pick her up and take her back into her class to ask her teacher if anything had happened. After we calmed her down, it was determined that this tantrum began when I took her jacket and boots out of her cubby and brought them to her (apparently, she likes to do this part herself… I hadn’t got that memo). The teachers were shocked when I had taken her back into her class. They said that they had never seen her like that before. Cubby later told me “Mommy, I do coat and boots”. Well, mommy learned her lesson!

I’m done my first semester December 5 and looking forward to some downtime with my family. Although I only have the stat holidays off for Christmas, I’m hoping that we are somehow able to take days off to recuperate. Cubby is looking forward to Christmas and remembers Santa from last year as the man that says “Ho Ho Ho”. She has already requested new books, toys, a train, stickers, colouring books and a brother named Strawberry. LOL! That was my ultimate favourite; she asked my husband and I if she could have a brother. When we asked what she would name him, she said “Strawberry”. Hilarious!

Well blog readers, I will hopefully try to blog again before the end of the year. Talk soon.


About newmom78

I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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