June, a time of change

I have been meaning to blog for a while now, but life has been so busy! I thought that it was fitting that today marks my 100th blog post and also Canada’s birthday!  It’s been a whirlwind of a month since I last blogged. My Cubby turned two years old on June 17. I know that I always say this but I cannot believe that she is two! She is running around, being a little busy body, repeating everything that she hears, singing, dancing, gesturing, rolling her eyes and manipulating. (That’s right, I said manipulating!). She is so smart and knows when I want to get her ready for bed or change her diaper. If she doesn’t want me to change her diaper, she continues to squat on the floor saying “More poo poo” so that I won’t take her upstairs to get changed. I have to chase her around the living room and drag her upstairs kicking and screaming saying “More poo poo mommy”. And now when going to sleep, she keeps saying “mum mum”, “more mum mum” as she knows that we are constantly on her about eating her food. She is one smart little Cubby, but I am on to her!

She has really taken to daycare now and it is great to see her socializing with the other children, hugging her teachers, calling them by name, and not crying when she is dropped off to school. I usually hide in the corner when I pick her up and watch what she is doing. Recently, it has been: playing the drums, spinning around until she gets dizzy, singing, dancing or doing puzzles. She is a lot of fun right now. Although I do see the “terrible two” phase and why it is appropriately named that, I see that she is trying to assert her independence and do things for herself. She affectionately named herself “Baby”. So whenever she wants to do something, she will grab it from your hand and say “No Mommy, Baby do”. It is so darn cute!

She loves organizing things and attempting to count the number of items in her own language. She is getting better at her ABCD’s and is able to sing numerous nursery rhymes. Cubby can now name every family member and has them wrapped around her little finger. She can turn on the charm quite easily! She continues to have her DIVA moments.

As for myself, I took a temporary contract job working with eCare in our hospital. eCare is working to implement electronic documentation for all disciplines throughout our hospital. I thought that I would challenge myself and work out of my comfort zone. I can do my job of occupational therapist with my eyes closed; however now I really have to put on my thinking hat and learn a new computer system and how I am going to teach it to other people. I am grateful that I am working with a great team of people, who are allowing me to express my opinions and who thank me for my work almost daily. It really makes such a difference to feel valued and appreciated at your job.

I have been doing some soul searching lately trying to figure out what it is that I really want to do. I want a job that resonates with me and something that I am genuinely excited about waking up to do. I haven’t put my figure on what that is yet, but I do know that I like the feeling of being uncomfortable and trying something that is completely outside my current realm of work. I like being challenged, having to problem solve, something that involves creativity (instead of rigidity), overseeing a project, multitasking and organizing. Any ideas??

My husband and I took a fantastic self development course last weekend entitled “Awaken Your True Self” (http://www.awakenyourtrueself.com).


It was sort of like a Deepak Chopra/Oprah type of course where you looked at yourself, your life, and relationships to see where you want to be and what limiting beliefs are holding you back. I gained so much out of that weekend and got some clarity around what type of job I would want to be in. I set goals for myself both personally and professionally. I think it really helped my husband to gain some clarity around his business goals as well. I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking clarity around issues with business, relationships, health, or their career. I cannot thank the trainers enough for such a motivating and inspirational weekend.

I feel that June was a great time of change and momentum and I am looking forward to seeing where this will lead me next.

Thanks for reading my blog! It makes me really excited to know that I still have people interested in what I have to say after reading 100 of my posts. LOL!

Happy Canada Day everyone!


About newmom78

I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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