Great Toddler Table and Chair set!

I’ve been searching for a while to find a suitable table and chair set for Cubby. Our space in the living room is limited, so I was looking for a compact and lightweight table that would fit in the space and also brighten it up. I located a Sesame Street Elmo table with 2 little chairs. What I liked about this set is that there is no gap at the bottom of the chair (where the back meets the seat) so she cannot fall through it or stick her legs through the back. The little seats are adorable as they have Elmo’s face on them and they are sturdy as they can hold up to 200 lbs! I also ended up buying the toy organizer that matched the table. I couldn’t resist, it was so cute! Both pieces have added some colourful flair to our living room and the look on Cubby’s face was priceless the day she first saw them set up in our living room. I like the toy organizer as it the perfect height for a toddler (so they can be independent and retrieve their toys and put them away). It also has removable canvas bins so you can take them out one by one. It has really cleared up the clutter and mess from our living room. I love the fact that both the table and chair set and the toy organizer are colourful and gender neutral. I seem to be sticking to the Sesame Street theme when it comes to her feeding items and play toys as I think the characters are good role models.

I first saw the Sesame Street set at Toys R Us and went to look at it and test it out. I liked it, however it was a little pricey. I looked online for prices in the U.S as we were going to New Jersey and saw that had both items and they were significantly cheaper (not too mention less tax!). I didn’t know how big the boxes would be and how much shopping we would actually do (which was a carful!), so I ended up finding both items on I love the Costco website. It is easy to order, the shipping is free, and there is a hassle free return policy if you change your mind or if there is anything wrong with the items. I placed the order online and they both arrived within 2 days. My husband put both items together in about 1 hour.

I would highly recommend both items, especially if you have limited space. Cubby is thoroughly enjoying sitting at the table like a “big girl” and eating her meals, colouring and doing activities (although I too have to fit my big butt onto the little Elmo chair as she orders me to sit down with her. LOL!). She also loves removing the bins and taking out her toys. I work with her to put everything back when she is done so she learns how to tidy up.–-Sesame-Street-Multi-bin-Toy-Organizer.product.100010883.html?catalogId=11201&keyword=sesame+street&langId=-24&storeId=10302

sesame bins

sesame table

(Note: I think that already sold out of the table and chair set! It looks like it is on sale at, but they are also sold out.)


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