After 21 months, I did it!!

The time has finally come after 21 months of waiting and staring into my closet looking at all of my favourite clothes….. I finally dropped my baby weight and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight!! WOO HOO!! I cannot believe that it took me almost 2 years to get here, but perseverance, exercising, eating right, (and perhaps a stomach bug from Cuba) helped me to lose the weight and fit into my beloved clothes. I never realized that it would take this long. At one point along the way, I had given up the notion that I would ever fit into my clothes and I was going to give them away. While I am extremely happy that the scale is reading the same numbers that it was pre-pregnancy, I have to reveal a disclaimer that in no way does this mean that my body looks the same as it did pre-pregnancy! I have dimples and ridges that were never there before. I swear that my hips are wider and my butt is bigger. I can fit into most of my clothes except the skinny jeans that were tight to begin with or fitted tops. However, I am still proud of myself for believing that it would happen some day.

When I think back to during my pregnancy, there was a time that I was absolutely starving and I was eating enough for probably 4 people. Then I got to the point that I thought I am gaining weight anyways, so I should just give into my cravings and eat whatever made me happy. I did try to exercise until about 5 months into my pregnancy, but it wasn’t enough to counterbalance the amount of food that I was consuming. I did have a sweet tooth and indulged a lot more than I should have! If I recall correctly, I think I gained 37 lbs. in total during my pregnancy.

My post baby workouts have consisted of mommy baby fitness, bootcamps, walking, and the gym. I think that going back to work in September helped me to stop munching during the day. Also, I have a gym at work so I am able to go at lunch. Otherwise, I would have no time to workout, unless I woke up at 4:30 am! During the month of January, I did a program called Isagenix for one month and I think that also assisted me with some weight loss (I lost 4 lbs. in one month!). Following my trip to Cuba, I picked up some sort of stomach bug that lead to the last few pounds of weight. Regardless, I am back and excited that I can don some of my old favourites for spring and summer.

The most frustrating part of this whole process was my skewed body image. Since I delivered Cubby, I have had no clue what size I was. When I went shopping, I would look at clothes and sizes and have no concept of how big I was. Either everything I picked was too big or too small. I was wearing baggy, frumpy clothes for a while as I was trying to hide my body. Now I put on those clothes and they are hanging off of me. I wonder if they did fit me at the time that I was wearing them. I have gladly packed away my maternity clothes and post pregnancy clothes into Rubbermaid tubs and I do not want to see them anytime in the near future!!

If I could give any advice to newly pregnant moms out there, it would be to eat as much as you need to to nourish yourself and the baby, but don’t overdo it like I did. It gets difficult to have self control and not give into your cravings and also those pregnancy hormones can make you eat things that you never knew tasted good together until you got pregnant! But believe me, you’ll be kicking yourself afterwards when you step on the scale and realize how much you have to lose. I would also start exercising or at least going for regular walks as soon as you feel up to it after you have your baby. And while it can be extremely frustrating, stick with it and see your end goal. If you believe it, it will happen! It took me 21 months to do, but it happened for me.

Links for Isagenix and FitMom:




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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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