Sturdy earrings for toddlers, do they exist?

Cubby is now 17 months old and is quite active. Although she isn’t walking without support yet, she is pulling herself up on every piece of furniture, going on her tippy toes, walking hands-free between surfaces that are close together, dancing with her hands in the air and swaying back and forth, calling everyone “Dada”, going up and down stairs, and naming things that start with the “B” sound. She is a little ball of energy. I have been trying to be consistent with her 8 pm bedtime every evening so she can get enough sleep and I can have at least 2 1/2 hours to myself. It has been difficult with our lives spread out over 4 cities: Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton and Milton. My husband and I are constantly talking about centralizing our life so we don’t have to drive to so many cities in one day. Perhaps one day in the near future, all of our daily activities will be within 15 minutes of each other (I know, keep dreaming!).

Cubby has been napping inconsistently. She used to take 2 one to 1 1/2 hour naps in the am and pm and now the moms are lucky if they can get her to nap once for 1 hour. I believe that at around this age, she should be moving towards one long nap in the mid afternoon (2 1/2 hours or so). I’m not too sure how to do this or if she will start doing it on her own. Many of my friends’ children who are around the same age, attend daycare or Montessori so their midday naps are scheduled and they see all of the other children napping at the same time. I find that I am struggling on the weekends, as it is really hard to get her to take a nap and I’m not sure when she should be napping. I look for her cues to see when she is tired, but she does not seem to get tired until about 3 or 4 pm.

To this day, Cubby still refuses to drink any type of milk (almond, rice, hemp, goat, vanilla flavoured, smoothies, … you name it, I’ve tried it!). So, I continue supplementing her with her daily vitamin and foods that contain calcium and protein. She is still really skinny, but very tall. The paediatrician said that that is her build and that is probably how she will be for a long time. He stated that she will likely be 5’7″ and 120 lbs. and that others will think that is a great height and weight (so not to worry!).

I was also looking into a good type of shoe as she is pre-walking and I had initially thought that she would need support for her little feet. Luckily my OT instincts kicked in and I went to a good children’s shoe store, Olly to consult them ( They confirmed what I had previously thought, that infants/toddlers need to walk barefoot or in grippy socks to help them develop the arches in their feet and to develop their balance. The sales associate stated that putting shoes on a toddler who wasn’t walking yet, was purely for fashion and that it served no real purpose. He told me that a toddler should get a good supportive shoe after they are able to walk 10-15 steps unassisted. That was great information to find out and saved me $50 as those “good shoes” cost a lot of money even though they are so tiny!!

Ok, so I have digressed. Let me get back to the topic at hand that I was intending to write about, earrings for toddlers. This has been a sore spot with me. I had previously written a great blog post about Caryl Baker Visage and how I got Cubby’s ears pierced at 3 months old and how well they had healed. Let me just tell you how Cubby has now lost her fourth pair of gold earrings (and gold is definitely not cheap these days!!). I have been through 2 pairs of gold studs from Caryl Baker Visage, 3 new backings for studs that had lost their backings, 1 pair of studs from England and now 1 pair of screw back butterfly studs from Mappins Jewellers! After the loss of the third pair, I went online searching for an appropriate pair of earrings for a toddler that were sturdy and not likely to fall out. I found a pair of covered screwback earrings from Mappins that were reasonably priced and after 3 weeks, one of them fell out. I never thought that they could unscrew themselves. I think that at this point I have given up. Perhaps Cubby is not meant to wear earrings and maybe she secretly developed the fine motor skills to unscrew her earring backs. Who knows?!! All I know is that I have run out of money to spend on gold studs for  little Cubby. I think that I will let her holes close and pierce them again when she is 5 years old and can decide if she wants to wear earrings or not. They were really adorable while they lasted.

Let me know of any good infant or toddler earrings that you have come across and where to buy them.


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