Cubby’s first fall

Yesterday was a scary day. It started off great. I went to a mommy bootcamp fitness class, which really kicked my butt. I was sore and in pain, but feeling energized. I played with Cubby all day indoors as it was really hot outside. Around 4 pm, she got restless and seemed sick and tired of the indoors so I took her to my neighbour’s house to play with her friend of the same age. Cubby had a great time there as her friend had recently celebrated her first birthday so she had a living room full of new toys. She played the piano, she played with a ball popper toy, she shook the tambourine and the maracas, she sat on a zebra that you can ride, and she tried a new sippy cup. It looked like Cubby was having the time of her life.

I brought Cubby home around 6 pm and gave her dinner. Daddy came home and she had some fun playtime with him. Around 7:30 pm, I took her upstairs to her room to change her diaper and get her into her pyjamas. I put her on her change pad and undressed her. She was being really hyper and active as she had a great time playing since 4 pm. I reached for the new diaper and in that 2 seconds, she twisted to the side and  rolled right off of the change pad and started falling. I had seen movement out of the corner of my eye so I quickly stepped to the left and half caught her. My heart had jumped and was in my throat. I was terrified. She was visibly upset and was wailing. I tried to hold her and comfort her. My husband came upstairs and took over and rocked her, but she kept wailing. I was so scared that she had hurt herself. It looked like she was guarding her left arm. I used my OT skills and did a quick assessment of her shoulders and arms. Her shoulders seemed to be at the same height, there were no red areas or visible signs of bruising, there was no dislocation or protrusions, so I felt a little better.

We rocked Cubby to sleep and watched the monitor. I called my neighbour, who is a nurse, and she told me what to look for and to check on her before going to bed. I have a little OCD problem so I was glued to the monitor all night and I peeked into her room about 10 times. She got really restless about 11 pm and was crying again, so I told my husband that we should get her checked out. We put her into the carseat and drove to my hospital where I work. The ER was very busy so I told my story of her fall to the triage nurse and she said it was up to me if I wanted to wait. She told me to give Cubby Tylenol and to watch her throughout the night. We left and went home and I woke up numerous times throughout the night to check the monitor. Cubby slept soundly until the morning. I thought that that was a good sign.

I heard her on the monitor at about 7:30 am, so I went to get her out of the crib and do our usual morning routine. She was crying and crying and it seemed as if her left arm was hurting her whenever she tried to crawl or weight bear onto it. I told my husband that we were taking her to the doctor so he stayed home and waited with me for her appointment.

We took Cubby at around 1 pm and got her checked out. He looked at the exact same things that I had examined and said that there was no evidence of a fracture or bruising, so it was likely just sore or perhaps a sprain. He told me to give her Tylenol regularly and monitor her symptoms for a week. If they were not better, to come back and see him in a weeks time. I thanked him and felt better that she had been checked out.

She was better throughout the day and evening and seemed more comfortable. She was even crawling everywhere and playing again. I felt her in the evening and she felt warm. She hadn’t eaten a lot throughout the day today. I had assumed it was because of the fall. Unfortunately, I did notice a lot of slobbering and biting her blanket. I think the dreaded teething has returned. OH NO! I feel like we just got over the last bout of teething (which was horrible).

My moral of the story is that everyone was telling me to be careful once she starts moving around as she could fall off the bed or couch etc. I knew that this could happen, but I kept thinking that I am a responsible mom. After all, I’m an occupational therapist, I’m the Safety Police and overprotective when it comes to anything to do with Cubby; I thought that this situation would never happen to me. But it did, and it happened in 2 seconds in the blink of an eye. I felt so horrible and guilty all night and all day today. I kept thinking how I could let that happen. I had told a few of my mommy friends and was relieved to see that it had happened to almost all of them. Little ones had fallen from the bed, couch, chair, and change table. Everyone seemed to have the same story. I felt a little better, but took necessary precautions and moved the change pad and all of my supplies to the floor in her room just in case. Cubby is on the move and is just too wiggly and active these days to be changing her up high. Please learn from my story and watch your little ones. Don’t leave them unattended for even 2 seconds! Trust me, it happens so quickly.

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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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