The quest for a good snack cup

Now that Cubby is 1, I have been introducing more finger foods and snacks. She is getting really good at self feeding and constantly points to things that I am eating wanting to try them herself. She still loves her snacks such as Baby Mum Mums and Gerber Graduates. I have been looking for a good snack cup that I can fill with her snacks and then she can hold it and feed herself.

I initially started off with a Boon Snack ball that I had gotten at my baby shower. I am a big fan of Boon products and have used the snack ball since she was 7 months old, but now I find that the top part does not stay in place and constantly moves to the side when it is in her food bag, causing her snacks to go everywhere. I like that it is little as Cubby can reach her fingers into it and get her snacks, but she has difficulty holding it as it is round and often rolls away or falls on the ground. Or she empties it into her stroller or carseat. (

Then I tried the Snack Trap, which was a big pile of garbage if you ask me. I was a fool for the packaging, which read “spill proof”. Yeah right! Within 1 minute of giving it to Cubby she turned it upside down and all of her snacks spilled everywhere. Also, it was supposed to have a suction cup base so I attempted to suction it to her highchair tray and it popped right off and ended up on the ground. I liked the fact that it had handles for her to hold and that it wasn’t too deep; however, overall it is a waste of money. (

Then I tried the Twist N’ Click Snacker Cup by Playtex. It looked pretty good for the price. It had one handle and a lid that could fit over top of the snack cup so it didn’t spill her snacks when transporting them. The only thing I found was that it was pretty deep so Cubby couldn’t reach in to retrieve her snacks unless I filled it full (and it’s a pretty generous sized cup). Perhaps it will be good for when she is older. I also found that the lid was hard to snap onto the top of the cup for transport. (

I ended up settling for the Snack Catchers by Munchkin. It is lightweight, affordable, a good size and has 2 handles for Cubby to hold. It also comes in a 2 pack at Walmart, making it cheaper than all of the other cups. So far, we have not had any crazy spills. Some crumbs do leak out if it is turned upside down, but nothing compared to the Snack Trap. I try to transport it upright as there is no lid to cover it. Cubby seems to really like it and gets excited when she sees it. (

Does anyone know of any other great snack cups out there? Any brands that I haven’t mentioned?

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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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