Hunger strike

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It took me a week to catch on to Cubby’s hunger strike. Again, I couldn’t understand why she was not eating. I have tried offering 4 different foods at each meal and she shuts her mouth and shakes her head. I was so frustrated that it was getting to the point of anger. I was throwing away all of my home made food. Now I finally understand why my mom would get so mad at me when I was little and I couldn’t eat my home cooked meals and I hid the remaining food under my napkin (thinking that she wouldn’t find out!). It’s really frustrating to buy organic produce and spend time making food only to see it go down the drain or into the garbage.

I know Cubby is also at the stage where she wants to be a more independent eater so I am trying to give finger foods. She has done well with barbecued or grilled food that I cut into pieces and she feeds herself. She seems to like some President’s Choice Organic cereal bars and cookies that I bought her to snack on. She has given up her love of Baby Gourmet pureed fruit, which is surprising because that was always a sure bet with her. She also gets pleasure out of throwing all of her pieces of food all over the floor. She thinks this is quite hilarious. I know children need to learn how to feed themselves and they play with their food, but the OCD in me is getting really upset seeing food all over the floor and having to throw it in the garbage.

Cubby has developed a love-hate relationship with her highchair. She likes to sit in it to play, but she does not want to eat in it. When food is presented, she slouches in the chair and sits more to the right side and starts to throw her toys and books off the edge of the highchair. Then when food is presented, she pushes it out of my hand or pushes it to the floor. It is really annoying! That is why I have decided of late to let her feed herself. I cut up the food into bite size pieces and put it on her tray and walk away. I load the dishwasher or warm up my food and try not to pay too much attention to Cubby pushing her food onto the floor. Although I have seen her mastering feeding herself pieces of egg, chicken, grilled vegetables, goat cheddar and mozzarella, avocado, and pieces of her cereal bar.

She hardly ate anything today and by dinner the mom in me was getting worried and frustrated. How could she hardly eat anything all day? She had 3 bites of cereal for breakfast, a few little pieces of egg, a few bites of bbq chicken and veggies (maybe 4 tiny bites) for lunch and then refused to eat dinner. I feel like I can see the weight dropping off of her. And I know this is the fourth time that this pattern has happened, but I didn’t see it coming until today. I got really upset with her after she began wailing to get out of her highchair and I put her into the play pen. She cried and cried for about half an hour. I couldn’t settle her, so I picked her up and took her outside for a “reset”. It took longer than usual, but it finally worked. Once she had calmed down, I realized that she is probably teething again and I gave her a dose of Infant Tylenol and some water. I held her on one hip and then attempted to feed her again. She ate half a banana and half a cereal bar. I tried her food (chicken, vegetables, rice, fruit, cheese, Indian food, yogurt) but she refused everything. I took her upstairs and nursed her and she drank milk and fell asleep by 7 pm. She looked exhausted so I put her in her crib to sleep.

I feel so guilty that she is on a hunger strike again, but at least I have come to the conclusion that it is teething and not my food or not that she doesn’t want to eat anything. I think this is her teething pattern; runny nose, temperature, fussy, tired, and not wanting to eat solids. I have been planning on weaning her off of breastfeeding, but with the constant teething and hunger strikes I am worried that she will lose the calories from my milk. I don’t want to see her wither away. What is a mom to do?? I have to go back to work soon and I need her to drink milk from a sippy cup, but I don’t want her to lose more weight from not drinking anything. Hmmm, any ideas?

I went to the grocery store today and picked up anything that I can turn into finger foods: pieces of fish, chicken, lentils and rice, vegetables for grilling, grapes, and more PC snacks. I know that my only sure bets right now are bananas, Baby Mum Mums, goat cheddar and mozzarella, avocados, and PC baby cereal bars. It’s not a lot of calories, but at least it’s better than nothing.

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  1. Amber Khan says:

    Sonia, there’s a great baby led weaning group on Facebook that I can add you to if you would like. My Zain started with self feeding at 6 months and the only types of ‘purees’ he gets is apple sauce and yogurt. He loves his pasta and eggs and avocado and cheese and pear and banana…anything goes. Let me know if I can add you, I’m part of the mommy playgroup group. Amber

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