The downfalls of the new car seat

About a month ago Cubby had switched from her Maxi Cosi carseat to the Britax Marathon 65  carseat that stays in the car. It didn’t take her too long to get used to the new seat. I like the Britax Marathon 65 carseat. It is sturdy construction and has nice thick fabric. The harness and buckle are really easy to use and adjust. I’m a fan! We had actually bought 2 of them; one for my car and one for my husband’s car as he will be dropping Cubby off to our mom’s house and I will be picking her up in September when I return to work. It is an expensive carseat, but I think it is well worth the price. We were fortunate enough to get them on sale from Babies R Us for almost $100 off of each seat; which is almost unheard of for the Britax. The only bad part was that they sold out within the first 2 days, so we had rain checks and had to wait for 3 months to get the seats! That was the frustrating part. (Not to mention that Babies R Us has horrible customer service and they either don’t pick up the phone or leave you on hold and forget about you. At least the manager of the store was nice).

The only downfall of the new carseat that I have found is that it is now very difficult to run errands and get things done. When Cubby was in the Maxi Cosi car seat, I could take her out of the car, even if she was sleeping, and pop the seat onto the Uppababy base and continue my errands while she continued napping. Now, she falls asleep in the car and I am constantly waking her up when I unbuckle her and transfer her to the infant seat of the Uppababy stroller. She won’t stay asleep! I am now only able to get 1 errand done per day, as opposed to before, when I could go to 3 or 4 different places and she would still be asleep.

Post wedding, I am trying to let her take one good morning nap in her crib for about 2 hours before I head out for errands, but by the time she gets up and I feed her lunch and we leave the house, it is sometimes 2 or 3 o’clock. I hate being out past 5 in the car with her as the rush hour work traffic starts and then we are stuck in traffic. What is a mom to do? I’m in the process of planning her big first birthday party for this Saturday, but I’m finding it hard to get my errands done. It’s 4pm and I have been waiting to go out and get some decorations and things done and she is still napping! It has been 3 hours now. Before I would have been doing backflips if she napped for 3 hours; now, I’m looking at my watch wondering if I will be able to go to 4 places tomorrow.

It’s hard to believe that Cubby will be 1 this weekend. I’m in awe that a year has passed since I began my maternity leave. I remember the day that she was born like it was yesterday. Although Cubby is small for her age, she is full of energy. She finally began crawling forward this week. She can clap, wave hello and goodbye, point at people and objects, babble in her own Cubby language, scoot on her butt, feed herself, roll and stand with some assistance. I am still struggling with her increasing her weight, but I’ve come to the conclusion that is an ongoing battle. She has been teething really badly lately. You can now see the whites of 3 more teeth coming in; two on the top and one on the bottom. She has been up for many nights now and has been eating less and less. Her hair has grown longer and is brown and shiny. She is also taller, although I haven’t measured her height for a while now.

I was going to write more, but she is finally up from her 3 hour nap. She probably really needed the rest! I will give you a post first birthday wrap up after this weekend. Talk to you soon!


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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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