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Cubby at 1 year

Cubby is 1 year and 1 week old. She has blossomed into a pint sized busy body who is on the move! It’s as if she knew that her first birthday had passed for the Monday following it, she began … Continue reading

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Cubby’s visit to the dentist

I had my 6 month dental cleaning and check up appointment yesterday. My mom was supposed to watch Cubby as my dentist is 2 minutes from her house, but she had called me and told me that she was unable … Continue reading

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Planning the first birthday party

I can honestly say that I have been thinking about Cubby’s first birthday party since she was 6 months old! I love throwing and hosting parties so I was racking my brain thinking about themes, location, food, games, loot bags, … Continue reading

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Cubby is 1 year old today!! YAY! Happy birthday little one! We had a great big backyard party yesterday at my parent’s house. It was a fun day. I will blog about that later. I wanted to put the website … Continue reading

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The downfalls of the new car seat

About a month ago Cubby had switched from her Maxi Cosi carseat to the Britax Marathon 65 ¬†carseat that stays in the car. It didn’t take her too long to get used to the new seat. I like the Britax … Continue reading

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Post wedding wrap up

The wedding of the year was this past weekend and it was amazing. My brother in law and ¬†new sister in law looked stunning and the events went off flawlessly. The decor and venues were amazing. I felt like I … Continue reading

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