Can’t a dog catch a break?

I know that I am usually blogging about my day to day experiences with Cubby, however, this post is about my poor little dog, Caesar. I have mentioned Caesar in previous posts as he was staying with us for a few months when my parents were away. Caesar is a maltese who is almost 9 years old; not super old, but yet in poor health. He has battled Cushings Disease, bilateral cataracts, a pinched nerve/ muscle in his back, and many other ailments. He mostly stays with my parents and I go to see him a lot. I take care of him when they go away. Caesar is the kindest, sweetest dog that I have ever met. He is very docile and gentle. When he was staying with us, Cubby would pull his tail, and his fur and he would just sit in one spot and look at me as if to say “help me!”, but he would never react or growl. He loves Cubby and always sniffs her and gives her kisses.

Caesar went through a horrible time with his eyes about a year ago when he developed bilateral cataracts and became blind. He couldn’t really walk and was bumping into objects. He would lie under the table or sleep in the closet and did not want to go outside for walks. I know dogs have functioned or learned to function with no vision, but he looked really sad. My dad tied a bell to his leash and would shake it to get him to follow the sound of the bell so he would walk a little. He seemed like he was starting to cope with no vision. We took him to the opthamologist and they said that they could do a bilateral cataract surgery, but that there was no guarantee he would be able to see. We wanted to give Caesar the best life so my dad paid an arm and a leg and we had both of his eyes done. It was a very stressful time for everyone, especially my dad, as Caesar needed around the clock care and 7 different medications. He had to wear a cone and he looked so weepy and sad with red eyes. He went for numerous checkups and we noticed that his red eye was swollen and puffy. We took him back for a checkup and they said that he was allergic to the stitches and his eye got inflamed. They had to take out the stitches and said that he would have a scar in the right eye and not be able to see. It was horrible to see our  sweet dog in that much pain with a swollen weeping eye. It took forever to heal and with a lot of TLC from my parents, Caesar’s eyes had finally healed months later. To this day, we still have to put eye drops in his eyes every night before he goes to sleep.

Since we live in a 4 storey townhouse, Caesar had been staying with us and had been doing 1 – 2 sets of stairs a day. I put the baby gates up and tried to prevent him from doing the stairs, but he wanted to follow me and go wherever I took Cubby. Caesar is a family dog and doesn’t like to be left alone, especially since his health got worse. It was hard to limit him. I was taking him for walks and he was playing with Cubby and seemed really happy at our place. It was almost like the old Caesar was back. My parents picked him up again last week as we would not be home with all of our wedding festivities every day for the next week. I got a phone call today that Caesar went for his checkup yesterday at the opthamologist and he has developed an ulcer in his right eye. They said that his right eye was puffy, swollen and weepy. My parents were beside themselves and they were both in tears as it is a repeat from exactly a year ago. I felt horrible. They have to give him 7 medications again around the clock every 2 hours, even through the night. My dad is stressed out as he has been having some health concerns of his own. I’m very sad and frustrated. Why can’t Caesar catch a break? He has struggled so much in the past 3 years and has had so much pain and suffering. I don’t understand. As excited as I am about the upcoming wedding this weekend of my brother-in-law, I am extremely sad and frustrated that Caesar is suffering again.

I know that they say that animals can absorb the energy in the household and develop health issues based on that. I know Caesar has been moved around a lot in his lifetime and has changed locations numerous times from when I lived in Buffalo (when I got him) to my parents’ house in Mississauga. I know he has separation anxiety issues as he thinks people are going to leave him and he gets really upset when we leave the house to go anywhere. I also know that he is really attached to me and misses me when I am not around. I feel like we have a special bond. Unfortunately, for his sake, I can’t bring him back here as the stairs are going to aggravate his condition and he is not allowed to jump up on anything right now or do the stairs. I just feel sad and frustrated, like I can’t do enough for him. I don’t know why bad things keep happening to him. I hope that this is short lived 😦

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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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