My little party animal!

Unbelievably, the wedding is already upon us. We had our first weekend of pre-wedding events and Cubby did great. She was out from mid afternoon until evening on Saturday and from evening to 10:30 pm last night. She is a trooper! I know that Cubby is a very social being, but she always seems to impress me with how easily she goes to other people and how relaxed she is with them. It’s great for my husband and I as we get a break and get to enjoy ourselves a little. As a mom, you can never completely kick back and let loose as you are constantly looking around to see if she is ok or if people are taking her near the huge loud speakers or feeding her spicy food, but it gives your arms a well needed rest!

Cubby thoroughly enjoyed herself both nights. She was hamming it up in her cute little indian outfits and loving all of the attention that she was getting. It was like pass the parcel, but it was pass the Cubby instead. I watched as she went from person to person and was even nodding her head in time to the music. I would take her sporadically to feed her meals and nurse her, and she would occasionally fall asleep for a minute or two, but the minute I brought her downstairs where the people and music were, she would be bright eyed and wide awake as there was so much to look at.

By 9pm on Saturday, I could see her rubbing her eyes and getting frustrated and cranky. I thought that she had enough so my husband and I took her into the car and put her in the carseat and drove around. Within 5 minutes, she was fast asleep. We pulled into the parking lot and let her sleep for a bit. My husband got my dad from inside and he stayed in the parking lot by the car and sat with her until we were ready to leave  around 10:30pm. What a good dad! I sent some uncles and family friends out to keep him company. She slept well that night, but still woke up at 6am on Sunday morning. I fed her and she was still rubbing her eyes so my husband took a nap with her for 2 hours. Then she was refreshed and ready for another night of partying and dancing. Oh my little party animal!

She was great last night. She sat on the stage, she danced a little with my family, she ate all of dinner that I had made her. I couldn’t have asked for more. She seems to really like when myself or my family members dress up in our indian outfits with the big jewellery. She had fun pulling at everyone’s necklaces and earrings! The music got a bit loud for her after dinner so we had to take her in the hallway and we took turns holding her and playing with her. My cousin from England, who also has a quite active 18 month old, told us to get earplugs for her for the reception next weekend, which I thought was smart. She said that she rolls some cotton balls and puts them in her son’s ears so it isn’t too loud for him. I think that I will try that next weekend.

It’s great that we have so many family members here from England, as Cubby gets to have lots of love and kisses from everyone and we all take turns spending time with her in the hallway while the others dance and enjoy themselves. Cubby is such a social butterfly and I love it! She slept well last night and I just put her down for her first nap today. She won’t nap if there are a lot of people around or if there is noise or music, so I usually let her have one good nap at home and then we head off to the “wedding house” to spend time with everyone. We have a jam packed week of wedding events and Cubby is going to have the time of her life.


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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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