Spring Cleaning

I feel accomplished. My husband had the day off today so we decided to tackle the main level of our house and clean and organize. He has been sick and I am getting sick yet again, but between both of us, we managed to clean the main level, reorganize our living room, clean the kitchen and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser all of the scuff marks from our walls. It felt great to have a fresh clean house and reclaim our living room that had become Cubby’s playground. I had those colourful foam mats all over the floor and her toys were everywhere. I finally removed the foam mats, washed them all and returned the shag rug and ottoman to their rightful place! We have a Graco Pack and Play that was being used for storage, so we emptied it and took the mobile and change station off and it become Cubby’s Den. It is fantastic and she loves it! I put her favourite blanket in the bottom and a bunch of her toys and she was occupied all day. She didn’t even cry when I walked away to the kitchen.

We moved her changing pad and the Diaper Genie to her nursery and set up a changing station there. We have a multi level townhouse so I had set up changing areas on every floor, but now it will only be on the second level. The main level looks so spacious and open now. I forgot how nice the house actually is! It has been cluttered with toys, baby clothes and objects everywhere. I put away a bunch of her old clothes that don’t fit and her winter clothes and we reorganized our storage space under the stairs. My husband and I had been contemplating moving at one point as we felt there was not enough space; but I think that we need to make a better effort at being organized and respecting our space. I think that this house could work for a few more years.

I managed to put some toys and books into our storage ottoman, so at least you can see the floor in our living room. I think that Cubby looked confused when it was all done. She was probably wondering: where are my colourful mats? Where is my play area? Where did this cub den come from? Where did this shaggy rug come from? LOL!  She had fun playing and attempting to stand at the side of the ottoman with support. Her cough and cold seem to be working their way out. She only coughs a lot at night and in the morning. During the day, she’s as happy as a clam. She is a lot more active and vocal now. I can’t believe she will be 11 months in 2 days; almost 1 year old!! I’m happy and sad all at the same time.

Before I forget, I have to apologize as I realize that my last few posts may have been rather negative. I think that I was starting to get sick again and I was really stressed and rundown from taking care of Cubby during her illness. Anways, that led to me becoming a Debbie Downer and subsequently writing some depressive blog posts. Sorry! My mother’s day did get better. I went for a great dinner with my family and my brother’s in laws so I celebrated with the 2 moms. And my brother and his wife made my first mother’s day by getting me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Also, yesterday, my neighbour and friend had read my post about my worst mother’s day and decided to make me a lunch at her place. It was a very sweet gesture and made my day. We had a delicious lunch and celebrated our mother’s day with our 2 little ones. So you see that every dark cloud does have a silver lining (although it’s hard to see at the time).

I feel a lot better and more optimistic and upbeat. I think that I just needed to be around positive people who give off that good energy. Being around negative demanding people is too emotionally draining. I realized that I can’t be an effective mother and take care of my little Cubby if all of my good energy has been drained. I say thank you to all of the great positive influences in my life and a special thank you to my husband, my brother and his wife, and my neighbour and friend for helping to make my first mother’s day so special!

About newmom78

I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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