My Worst First Mother’s Day!

Again, the universe has it out for me. I’ve really been trying to be more positive and be in a better mood, but I’ve been feeling really rundown since Cubby was sick and I haven’t been able to regain composure. I have a sinus infection and my body feels shaky and weak. I feel like I need to get away somewhere just to regain some of myself and recharge my batteries. I wish Cubby would take a bottle! It was a beautiful weekend, but I was committed to some familial obligations so I didn’t really get to enjoy it. My husband gave me flowers last night as he knew I couldn’t wait until the morning, which was sweet. They were beautiful.

We had a mother’s day brunch at my in laws in the morning. I was supposed to make a dish: quinoa salad, but the day just didn’t go as planned and it spiralled out of control. I woke up early before Cubby and checked the pantry; we had brown rice pasta, but no quinoa. We always have quinoa in the pantry??!! I quickly made a smoothie, fed the dog, took him out, took a quick shower and by that time Cubby was awake. I warmed up breakfast for her and my husband fed her while I prepped the vegetables for the quinoa salad and made the dressing. I put on comfy clothes and headed to Costco. It was so busy already at 10 am! I ran through the isles looking up and down, but no quinoa. I asked a sales associate, who informed me that they sold the last one yesterday. Costco usually always has quinoa. So, I headed to Loblaws and picked up 3 boxes of quinoa, flowers for my mom and 2 mother’s day cards.

I got home and began cooking the quinoa while writing the cards and entertaining little Cubby. I opened the pantry to get out a box of vegetable stock and it fell on Caesar’s back and he yelped and ran away. I felt so bad!! He already has a bad back and I made it worse. I locked him out of the kitchen and rubbed his back. He went to lay down on the floor. My husband was overseeing the quinoa cooking on the stove so I went to the fridge to get out some more vegetables and the mother’s day cake that I had bought yesterday slid out and fell on the ground. It wasn’t completely wrecked, but the edges were smeared all over the plastic dome. At that point, I had had it. Somebody in some universe didn’t want me to enjoy my first mother’s day. I left my husband stirring the quinoa and went upstairs to get changed.

I plugged in the iron and went to quickly put some makeup on. I brought the iron to my brand new dress and saw it smoking. When I lifted the iron, there was a burnt impression of the iron on my dress and it was ripped. I was so angry and frustrated, that I picked up my dress and tore it into two. I wanted to climb into my bed and put the covers over my head until tomorrow, but we were already late for brunch. And, I could hear Cubby crying downstairs in the kitchen as she had now gone 5 hours with no nap. I burst into tears and cried for about 20 minutes until I found something else to wear. I gained composure and headed downstairs. I saw little Cubby getting upset and I burst into tears again. My husband came and asked me what was wrong. I told him I just wasn’t meant to have a good mother’s day today. Little Cubby looked at me with a worried look on her face and touched my face with her hand. That made me smile. I sucked it up and went back to making my quinoa salad. I had made a tea, so I asked my husband for 10 minutes to sit and drink my tea, which I did. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t in a mood to see anyone today.

We left for my in law’s house and got there just in time to eat. The food was delicious and I enjoyed it. It was good to sit down for a rest. I was reaching for something on the table and I knocked over my glass of water, which spilled all over the table cloth. My day wasn’t getting any better at that point.

When we returned home, I attempted to put Cubby down for a nap and that backfired horribly as she was overtired from not napping properly today. She was kicking, flailing and crying hysterically. I couldn’t settle her, so I sent in my husband. This was a mother’s day from Hell. I am now getting ready as we are off to another mother’s day event, but this time for my mom. Maybe next year will be better. Maybe someone will cook for me??

How was your mother’s day?

About newmom78

I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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1 Response to My Worst First Mother’s Day!

  1. sofiasmum says:

    Oh no! I am sorry today wasn’t what it should have been. The day is not over yet, hold your cubby today and kiss her…you are her mother today and forever…and that is the sweetest mothers day present ever!

    Next year bring chips and store bought dip to the party!

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