Why are things so loud??

This post is about noises that I probably have heard every day of my life and never noticed how loud they were.. that was until I had a baby. I would say that up until 4 months or so, Cubby was a really good sleeper and napper. She could sleep through any noise: people talking, music playing, the washing machine, nothing seemed to bother her. As she approached the 6-7 month mark, I started noticing that she would wake up really easily from her naps and get startled by different noises. So I decided to composed  a top 10 list of things you never knew were so loud,.. until you had a baby! Here it goes:

10. Planes: Now that the weather is nicer, I have been taking Cubby for walks in her stroller. I live fairly close to the airport and planes are always flying overhead. I never realized how loud the low flying airplanes were. Talk about noise pollution!

9. Squeaky doors: Our house is relatively new, almost 3 years old, but I find that the door hinges to the bedroom and laundry are already squeaking. The door to Cubby’s room was so squeaky that as I would put her down for a nap, and would try to tip toe out of her room, she would wake up the minute I tried to close the door to her room as it kept squeaking. Luckily I got my handy husband to oil the hinges so I am able to sneak out of her room again inconspicuously.

8. Family members: I cannot count the number of times I have driven around in the car and tried to get Cubby to take a nap. I will keep driving to do extra laps so she will nap longer. When we finally get to a family member’s house and I try to quietly sneak her in, and they come right up to the car seat and say: “Oh is she sleeping??” (quite loudly). Of course, Cubby startles and wakes up and starts moving her feet (despite the car seat being covered by a blanket). And then they always exclaim quite loudly: “She’s up, I see her feet moving!”. And her nap is over, hmmm.. I wonder why??

7. TV: Have you ever had the tv on a really high volume and you put the baby down for a nap and come downstairs and turn it on and it blares? I have done that and woken her up. Or Cubby likes playing with the remote lately (although I don’t let her watch tv), and she turns the volume up and startles herself. Sometimes my husband has the tv so loud that I can hear it perfectly from my bedroom or the office. I always yell at him: “Are you deaf?”.

6. Other kids: The number of times I have been mall walking or in a line up at a kids store  to pay or at Walmart buying diapers and a little kid has been yelling at the top of his/her lungs or singing or running into my stroller when I am trying to keep Cubby napping until we get to the car. I know it’s all public places, but it’s so much easier to multi task and complete your shopping or grocery shopping while she is sleeping!

5. Washing machines: Cubby’s room shares a wall with the laundry room so I often have the washing machine or dryer going while she is either napping or sleeping at night. Our non peak time to save money and do the laundry and run the dishwasher is after 7pm on weekdays, but she is always sleeping between 7-8 pm. (You would think that the non peak time would be during the day when everyone else is at work, so moms could get the laundry done while the kids are awake. Hmm, just a thought!). Yesterday, I was taking the clothes out of the washing machine ever so quietly to transfer to the dryer and the silly lid slammed down and closed. Of course, I startled Cubby so bad from her nap that she cried hysterically for half an hour. Ooops!

4. Toilets: When you are in public places with your big stroller, it is hard to find a bathroom big enough where you can fit. Even if the mall has a handicapped bathroom or a  parents’ bathroom, it is usually busy during the day. When I finally get into the stall and use the bathroom, I have to open the door and push the stroller out before flushing the toilet as it’s so loud!

3. Loud music: Don’t get me wrong, I love music, but with the nice weather comes all of the “cool guys” in their sports cars cranking their music with the loud bass. Maybe I’m getting too old, but isn’t that bad for your hearing?

2. Motorcycles: Lately I find that Cubby naps during the day in the car. With the nicer weather, I have my windows cracked and my sunroof slightly open. With the nicer weather also comes the emergence of motorcycles. OMG, they are so loud! Especially those Harley Davidson “Boss Hog” type of motorcycles (choppers I think?). My ears feel assaulted when I am enjoying a nice quiet drive and one goes by. I have to scramble to close the windows and sunroof before she wakes up.

1. Hand dryers: Often I am in the regular bathroom waiting for the large stall while Cubby is napping and people are coming out and drying their hands. The crazy hand dryers today are so loud and powerful she always wakes up screaming. I’ve actually asked someone to hold on while I run out with her sleeping in the stroller and dry my hands on my pants!

Let me know your loud noise stories!

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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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1 Response to Why are things so loud??

  1. Carol says:

    I love hearing your stories about the little one!

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