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Adventures in Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is a big thing these days although women in other cultures have been carrying their babies on their hips and backs for centuries. I have had such a hard time with finding an appropriate baby carrier that is … Continue reading

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Why organic? Why not?

I have had a lot of people ask me why I am so crazy about making sure that I make Cubby’s baby food with organic fruits, vegetables and meats. They have said that we all grew up eating regular food … Continue reading

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Why are things so loud??

This post is about noises that I probably have heard every day of my life and never noticed how loud they were.. that was until I had a baby. I would say that up until 4 months or so, Cubby … Continue reading

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We are at the 10 month mark!

I cannot believe that Cubby is already 10 months old. I feel like I write that as every month passes, but it’s true. I technically have 2 months left of my maternity leave; however, I am probably extending it until … Continue reading

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Birth Without Violence

I was at my osteopath appointment today and I saw a book that he had recommended that I read while I was pregnant. I had bought the book on and read it and I fell in love with it. … Continue reading

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Mommy spa day and gifts for new moms

I had a really great day today. My mommy friends and I planned a home spa day, so we had 2 ladies from a mobile spa come to my house and give us hand and foot massages, sugar scrub and … Continue reading

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The importance of sleep (both to you and your baby)

I know sleep is an issue that practically every new mom struggles with. How do you get your baby to sleep and how do you get some extra time to sleep? I have struggled with this issue since day one. … Continue reading

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Fit Mom gets two thumbs up!

I know I have been blogging about my endless struggle with post pregnancy weight loss and how hard it has been to lose any weight. About a month and a half ago I was online looking for mommy baby fitness … Continue reading

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Help! In need of mommy advice!

Yesterday evening I sat down and ate a delicious meal consisting of lamb, parsnips, corn and salad. I had the displeasure of making this meal myself after about a week of not cooking at home. Displeasure you say? The meal … Continue reading

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Awesome baby gates!

Recently, we were thinking of starting to baby proof our home. Cubby has been a little lazy and is not crawling or cruising on furniture yet, but I thought that I would plan ahead. Also, since we are still dog … Continue reading

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