Beautiful day, yet not so relaxing!

I think the universe has it out for me. Or perhaps I have a low tolerance and ability to handle a congested crying child all day. It was an exceptionally beautiful day today; sunny and hot. I woke up thinking “this will be a good day”. I came downstairs and got Cubby’s breakfast ready. I changed her diaper and sat her in her high chair. To my surprise, she actually ate one whole serving of her breakfast. I felt that I was on to something. Cubby has a short attention span when she is in her high chair and gets upset and starts throwing things if she is in it for too long. So, I need to have her breakfast ready when she gets up and feed her first thing. That worked great, with the exception that I didn’t get to eat my breakfast. I put her in the Baby Bjorn once she was frustrated with being in the high chair and then I walked around the kitchen dancing and singing until her tears turned to laughter. I mustered up some quick breakfast and brought everyone to the living room to our play area so I could watch “Live with Kelly”.

No sooner did I take my first bite of food and Cubby was crying. Her nose was running and it was falling down her face. That sent her into hysterics. Of course, I felt really bad for her, but every time I tried to clean her nose, she would cry harder. Caesar was pawing me and letting me know that he had to go out for a potty so I put her back into the Baby Bjorn and took both of them outside. Cubby was happier outside; I think the sunshine put her in a better mood. We came in, quickly got ready and headed to the Ontario Early Years Mother Goose program.

It was our last session for a while as I am trying to get my workout on doing mommy baby boot camp classes. I have been going once a week so far, but I thought it would be best if I went twice a week. So starting next week, I am missing Mother Goose and working out Wednesdays and Fridays (at least it’s a start!). I feel awful because I know how much she loves Mother Goose and singing our weekly songs. Also, she gets to socialize and see her friends. Hopefully she will forgive me!

After Mother Goose, her nose was runny and she was miserable again. I took her home and tried to feed her some lunch. She ate a little bit. She hated the high chair and was pushing the spoon, bowl and knocking over her sippy cup and wailing. I took her out of the high chair and tried to console her, but she was on a one way trip to Cranky town (not one of my favourite places to be). I tried rocking her, nursing her, singing to her, showing her her favourite toys, but nothing was working. The more I wiped her nose, the more upset she got. I knew that only one thing would work: taking her outside for a walk.

I got her ready for the walk and put her in the stroller, still crying. I put the harness and leash on Caesar and headed out. Caesar did not want to walk. He kept pulling back and locking his legs. We only made it about 50 feet and he decided he wanted to turn around and go home. I took him back home, took off his leash and put him inside. Just as I turned around, Cubby was crying again as the stroller had stopped and was not moving. I locked my front door and began power walking with the stroller. I needed to get out. It was such a beautiful day and as bad as I felt, I was going to go crazy inside the house with Cubby wailing like a siren all day. She was better outside, no sniffling or runny nose. She ended up falling asleep and napping in the stroller so I kept walking and walking.

After my first round of walking, I met my neighbour and her little one so I continued on with them. I was boiling hot and sweaty, but Cubby was still sleeping so I kept walking. In total, I walked for about 2 and 1/2 hours. At least I got some exercise and Cubby got some fresh air and a good nap.

The evening was the same as the morning. I sat her in the high chair for dinner and she started crying. I brought her over to the living room and let her sit and play while I tried to feed her. She took some food with much fussing. Luckily, my husband came home at around 6, so I let him take her for half an hour. He was changing her diapers and she peed everywhere in the changing station. Her back was drenched, it was all in her hair, it was everywhere. I ran upstairs and jumped into the shower (half glad that I got to take a shower after my long sweaty walk). I brought her into the shower with me to rinse off. My husband took her and changed her into her pyjamas.

I worked hard to put her to sleep in her crib and did a silent cheer that it was 7 pm and the house was silent at last. As much as I love my little Cubby, I also love when the house is quiet! I had noticed that there were no baby wipes downstairs so I tried to pick up a pack and of course, the packaging was making so much noise. I was walking backwards trying to be super quiet and not wake her up and I turned quickly to leave her room and rammed my toe into the door frame causing excruciating pain and fell on the floor hitting my knee. I collapsed on the floor in a sea of tears and throbbing pain. My first thought was not “did I break my toe”, it was “did she wake up?”. I got up and peeked into her room and thank God, she was still asleep. I returned to the floor and sat and cried for a good 20 minutes. It felt good to release all of my frustrations and limitations of the day. I was frustrated that I couldn’t help her feel better, but also frustrated at her constant wailing.

At least it was Wednesday night, and it was a good tv night! Although Modern Family was a repeat, I watched it anyway as it always makes me laugh hysterically. Happy Endings was new; that made me happy. I sat back and got some “me time” with a bag of frozen peas on my toe. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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