We’re all back from vacation… and in one piece!

Let me just say that our 1 week vacation in Mexico (Mayan Riviera) was relaxing, rejuvenating, sunny, beautiful, and well deserved. In my typical fashion, I had overanalyzed, over-stressed, and become anxious about travelling with my cubby. I had dreamed up every scenario that could take place, and had gone with an arsenal of homeopathic remedies for any ailment, as well as Baby Tylenol, nose drops, a baby thermometer, first aid kit, and a change of clothes (enough for 4 outfit changes daily!). Surprisingly, cubby was amazing on the plane. She took two naps on the way there and played/ socialized with everyone for most of the flight. Luckily, there were many elderly women on our flight who fell in love with her and asked me if they could hold her and play with her. I gladly replied “yes”, and this kept her entertained for hours.

She was great in Mexico. The weather was hot with a light breeze. I kept her in the shade for most of the day, but she did go in the swimming pool at our resort. I used the pool float that we had brought from home, which was a lifesaver as it had a shade attached to it. We put cubby in her bathing suit and a UV top that covered most of her upper body. She enjoyed floating and splashing in the pool and kicked her little feet happily. She was the main attraction in the pool. People came over all day to see her and visit with her and she loved the attention! When she got tired of floating, we took her to the pool bar and had her sit on the stools or on the bar (in the shade) and she watched people swimming. It took 3 days to get her used to being in the pool as she had never been swimming before.

The Baby Bjorn and the lightweight travel stroller were a God send. My husband strapped cubby into the Bjorn when we went for walks along the beach or around the resort. We had a big UV proof hat for her and covered her with a light blanket to protect her skin. The travel stroller was good as it reclined back so she could sleep when we were out. It also had a large UV shade. When we were by the pool or the beach, we found an umbrella under a shady spot and she would play and take naps on the beach lounging chair.

The resort had lent us a wooden crib with a thin light mattress. Cubby would lie or sit up in the crib and play with the toys that we had brought for her, however, she would not sleep in it. The crib was more narrow than her crib at home so we would put her to sleep in it and she would be fine until she put her arms out and when her hands hit the sides, she would startle herself and start crying hysterically. We had 2 double beds, so I ended up sharing my bed with cubby (which resulted in no sleep for me for the week). She would fall asleep between 7 and 8pm their time and would sleep for about 6 hours straight, wake up for a feed and then sleep, waking every 2 hours until 6am. I was trying to not let her cry a lot at night so the people beside us could enjoy their vacation sleep and not have to listen to a crying baby all night.

The resort staff was great and very friendly. Everyone seemed to love our little cubby and she was the Belle of the ball. There was constant attention and people coming to talk to her, play with her and hold her. She soaked it all up and was loving it!

We left the resort for one outing to Playa del Carmen. Luckily, she slept the whole time, so we were able to do some shopping and have a quiet meal. Unfortunately, we did not do much in the evenings as she started to get sleepy and cranky around 6pm their time so we would give her a bath and put her to sleep. There was a takeaway restaurant on our resort so one of us would pick up dinner and we would eat it in the room.

We did not end up taking the carseat as we had too much stuff. For the shuttle ride to and from the airport in Mexico, my husband strapped her into the Bjorn and she sat on his lap. She was pretty good for the 45 minute ride.

As for feeding, it was nice as there was a kitchenette in our room so we had a toaster, microwave, sink, coffee maker and utensils, plates, cups etc. I took organic jar baby food and fed her that. Ironically, she only liked the banana flavour one and refused the rest. Cubby did not seem to have much of an appetite for solids in Mexico. Perhaps because it was too hot? She did want to breastfeed non-stop so I fed her every 1-2 hours to make sure she didn’t get dehydrated.

All in all, it was a great trip. It was my first vacation where I didn’t really get to sleep that much, but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. I think every new mom should go on one vacation at least during their maternity leave!

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I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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