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Ok, the first step was actually locating a free blog site and then the next step was trying to set up a blog. Now that that part is finished, or should I say “a work in progress”, I’m ready to start blogging! I must say that this project of mine is about 6 months overdue. I had been meaning to start this when my daughter was first born in June 2011 to chronicle my times with her and to give other new moms or soon-to-be moms advice about things that had worked/didn’t work for me and must have toys/ items for different developmental stages in her life.

Wait, let me rewind a bit and give you some background. I am a 33 year old occupational therapist who used to work with children in schools and private home care. I treated children with fine motor delay, autism, sensory processing difficulties, prematurity, handwriting difficulties, pervasive developmental delay and feeding difficulties to name a few. I thoroughly enjoyed it and actually miss working with the children. I am currently on maternity leave from my hospital job in acute care (surgery and orthopaedics). Although I worked with hundreds of children during my 2-3 years in paediatrics, nothing can prepare you for when it is your own child! Most things that you know, go out of the window and any new rash, change in schedule, fussiness or new cry seems like the biggest deal.

I will tell you of how I got the name for this blog. I am 5’3″ (well, almost) and I am married to a tall 6’3″ man, who I affectionately call “bear”. When I got pregnant, I began calling him “papa bear”, in turn, I was “momma bear” and when our little one was born, she ended up being called “bear cub” or “cubby” for short. Now that’s not her first nickname. She’s morphed from “peanut”, to “gremlin”, to “gremmels”, to “gremelinda”, to “squato”, to “monkey”, and now her most recent moniker “cubby”.

We’ve had a great time so far raising our little cub. I must say the first 3 months were nothing short of HELL and I was wishing myself back to work as she came a month early, had low birth weight, developed jaundice (we were readmitted to the hospital), she wouldn’t take fluids, she wouldn’t latch on for breastfeeding, she vomitted any kind of formula that we gave her, she developed a yeast-like rash on her butt that lasted for 4 weeks, and she had reflux. All of this equalled NOOOO sleep for about the first 3 months. This was the hardest part. After a month of not sleeping, I actually started to feel as if I was going crazy. I was hallucinating, sleepwalking, crying all of the time, hardly eating, and found it difficult to fall asleep. I couldn’t leave the house for the first 3 months to socialize as she had constant doctor’s appointments with the midwife, paediatrician, lactation consultant, etc. After 3 months, I started to feel isolated and joined local new moms groups and began mall walking, having play dates, doing potluck luncheons and sleeping more! That is where the fun began and I really started to enjoy my maternity leave.

I think I have caught you up. Cubby is currently 6 months old (5 months developmentally as she was born a month early). She is full of energy, making lots of noise, chewing on her teething toys, standing in her exersaucer, almost sitting up unsupported, just starting solids, and smiling and laughing at almost anything. I hope you enjoy this blog. I will continue to post on my experiences with her and any new baby items that I come across that are really worthy.

Happy Reading!


About newmom78

I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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