Choosing a stroller

The task of choosing a stroller for any new mom can be as daunting as picking out a new car. If you bring your husband or partner along with you to choose, you could be in the store for hours as you argue over features, colours, and options. I made a huge mistake picking out my first stroller.

I went to the store armed with limited knowledge of a stroller that I thought I had wanted. My husband had come across the website for the Quinny Buzz 3, a sporty looking European stroller that was nimble, could turn on a dime, came in bright colours, and had hydraulics (a huge selling feature for my husband). We did a quick demo of it in the store and ended up buying it as there was a tax free bundle sale, where we also got a basinette and a MaxiCosi Mico car seat. I did notice that the basket on the bottom of the stroller seemed a little small and made that point; however, my husband thought it was not a big deal. Boy was he wrong!



I used the Quinny Buzz 3 for about 4 months and noticed that as I became more active and went mall walking and for long walks outside, I turned into the human mule. I had a diaper bag strapped to the stroller, had a Mommy Hook with bags hanging off of the handle bar and had bags strapped across my body and arms. I could fit 2 small shopping bags in my stroller basket and it was full. I looked enviously at my other new mom friends who had large baskets on their strollers and could walk hands-free without their stroller tipping over. I kept nagging my husband and did some more research on strollers. My husband, who never usually came out with me during the day thought I was crazy, and he loved the Quinny Buzz 3! I secretly went on Kijiji and found the ultimate stroller that I had wanted in the first place, the Uppababy Vista, but he had said it was too expensive. I located someone who was selling a brand new Vista for half price and began to contact him. I soon got my husband involved.. he initially refused to buy a new stroller, but after seeing me struggling with bags strapped to me, he finally agreed to the Uppababy Vista. We contacted the gentleman and ended up getting a great deal on a new Vista. I was overjoyed! And we sold our Quinny Buzz 3 on Kijiji as well, so all in all, the Vista cost us about $550 new when it retails for $799 +tax. I was finally satisfied and I absolutely love my Uppababy Vista. No more complaints from me!



So.. things to consider when buying a new stroller are:
1/ Weight of the stroller: if you are alone, can you lift it and get it in/out of the car?
2/ Height of the handle bar: is it adjustable to your height?
3/ Basket size: trust me on this one, you will need a lot of basket space!
4/ Ease of folding and opening the stroller: some of them out there are really difficult and you want to be able to do this quickly in the middle of a blizzard or heavy rain!
5/ Wheel size: depending on where you live, the type of weather and terrain that you are walking on and how much you are using the stroller, you want large smooth wheels.
6/ Add on features: do you have to purchase a cupholder? Can you take off the seat and add on a basinette? Can you put your carseat right onto the stroller ? (a great feature for when your newborn to 4 month old is sleeping in the car and you want to quickly get them out of the car and into the stroller). Does your stroller come with a rainshield/ bugshield/ snowshield/ foot muff/ UV shield, or do you have to buy those things separately?

I think those are the most important things to look for and keep in mind that if there is a big height discrepancy between you and your husband/ partner, it may be easier for your husband to handle the stroller than you. So practice by yourself numerous times!

Hope that helps! Happy stroller hunting!


About newmom78

I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls with a degree in Occupational Therapy. This blog is about the chronicles of my daily life with my daughters as well as the laughter and frustration that goes along with trying to be "super mom" and play numerous roles; wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, and student.
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One Response to Choosing a stroller

  1. nina says:

    Hi sonia- love your blog! makes me REALLY want another one!!! (we are working on it). I am sure your blog will come in handy when the new one(s) get here- it seems like ages ago that Luciana was an infant. miss ya!!! we totally owe you all a visit, not trying to make excuses but between the ivf cycles and now having my special little nephew john john out of state- traveling is so challenging!!! but it will happen- luciana and i cant wait to meet your little ‘cubby’!!! nina

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